A Niner

So this is out of the blue, but I’m building a new bike. I’ve been riding the Raleigh for quite some time, almost ten years it turns out. It’s gone through quite a bit of change over its course. The 2×8 never really suited me, or maybe I never tuned it right, it was skippy even after I put on a new cassette. I ended up riding the fixed IRO all the time because it was bulletproof and the Raleigh wasn’t, so eventually I dismantled all the geary parts, bought a freewheel for my IRO’s wheels (On One Inbred hubs on Delgado Cross rims) and made it into a townie. Nitto Albatross bars, 40×17 gearing… maybe. On those sweet FSA cranks. Technomic stem to bring it all up high. Dura ace cartridges in the centerpulls. 700x32c Panaracer UrbanMax’s. I’m not as hardcore in the miles per year as I used to be but it was as close to the perfect city bike as you can get. Full coverage fenders, single speed that was just fast enough not to feel slow but low enough you could get up a hill if you had to. Tires fat enough for a curb drop or a fire road.

But, I’m not as strong as I used to be and I’m tired of muscling a bike around every single day. Sometimes you just need to spin up something. And the bike was very much a jack of all trades, master of none – it will continue to be a valued companion and is a hell of a bike, but I was never going to huck it off a drop or hit a big berm on it at speed. Since my aspirations are mostly dirt related, I decided on an MTB. But I finally managed to ignore all the parts of me that said to go buy a torn up Stumpjumper and rebuild it.

I decided on something MUCH stupider. Turns out you can just buy a 29er carbon fiber frame straight from china now, so I did. Thru axles, but I stuck with the british thread bottom bracket because I have heard NOTHING but bad shit about BB30 and all it’s ilk. It’ll be here in two weeks. In the meantime I’m gathering the rest of the parts. So far – A set of Bontrager Duster Elite 15×100/142×12 wheels craigslisted (needs at least one new tire, sidewall cut and bulging). Found out Marzzochi still makes forks, or at least Fox brands some with that name, and their factory was clearing them out for less than half price, plus I got a free shirt. Deore cranks with external bearings and shit were cheap. Still need brakes, a seatpost, and the rest of the drivetrain. Pretty sure I’m keeping it simple with this one, 1×10 or 1×11 if I can find it cheap enough. And two sets of wheels, one for the commute with some semislick or trekking tires and one with some full gnar MTB. I’m stoked.

Still doesn’t have brakes on it but it’s currently 24 lbs, and I found out that’s with these fatass tires and tubes, and my B17.
Ended up spending more than I aimed to on this bike but it’s wicked. 1×11, Shimano SLX shifter, ShadowPlus derailleur. M615 brakes should be here tomorrow.