Magnum Swap Facts

  1. The serpentine belt system will not fit in your A body. The power steering pump will sit in the middle of your battery tray and there’s no effective way to reroute it.
  2. Just get the Hughes Engines magnum snout extension (or a cam ground on an LA core so it has the extension already). Be prepared for this to take a few weeks and you bothering them because you’re dealing with an American company and by definition they do not understand “urgency” or “communication”.
  3. Don’t buy a mini starter. It hits some block lug and it’ll make you real mad.
  4. The heads are cracked between the seats on at least one cylinder per side. Just order some new ones now.
  5. Get the gasket set for your magnum donor, the gaskets are like 900% better than the crappy ones they sell you for an old LA block.
  6. Maybe just rebuild your LA engine. Have you thought about that long and hard?
  7. The intake manifold bolts being vertical means that they can’t be torqued down as much. Make sure you’re gentle with them.

That’s it so far. Very slow progress overall but I’m trying to get out there and chunk away at it. Hopefully I’ll have way more radical news next time.

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