Me Goldfish

So, it’s a fairly dumb story about why I have goldfish now but I have goldfish now. I had a fishtank when I was young and was truly convinced that the guppies needed to be bathed, so I would catch them one or two lucky fish at a time in a dixie cup and take them to the sink to lather with some lovely gentle barbasol shave foam, and then I’d return them to the tank. I had a system.

Well luckily for these fish I grew out of my Preschool of Doctor Moreau period and they just get to have a regular fish house. Here it is, a lucky craigslist find that I resealed with silicone. It’s got a SunSun canister filter full of ceramic biomedia and floss, an aquatech HOB filter for additional filtration and polishing, and two very fat very messy fish. Jank Teef and Latrice Royale.

It’s surprisingly satisfying to stare at. As I am unable to enjoy anything sans tinkering, I have bought some GU10 bases and chinese 6500k LED spotlights to build a custom grow light fixture for it, I should be able to grow all the way down to the substrate, and the fish should be able to support TONS Of plant life if I can get enough light on them.


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