Just a quickie – LogMeIn Ignition

I’ve been using LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone and it’s super duper crazy radical. Using it over 3G is not quick by any stretch of the imagination, but its usable, I was able to repair the port forward rule for SSH on my router with only two redraw-hiccups. For any emergency, gotta get into the computer and print out those boarding passes for Asshole McGee, why the fuck didn’t I email that file before I left type situation? It’s kinda killer. There is only ONE thing that it can’t do that I occasionally need (the ability to send a control-alt key combo without anything else, in order to escape a VM that doesn’t have Tools installed). And I’m a weird edgecase motherfucker so… Check it out here. LogMeIn Pro, bee tee dub, seems to be totally fucking worthless and not worth the money unless you are a crazy person. Remote printing? Hurf. Ignition is like $15, and if you’ve ever been away from home and thought “if only I could get on my computer and do that right now”, it might be worth it.

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