My Mass Effect 2 Review

The process of playing Mass Effect 2 goes like this. Turn on Xbox, realize you need to bring laptop out in case you get an email, look down and see metal shavings from project you failed to clean up the previous night. You get the vacuum cleaner, empty it, look around at the floor and see all the fur. Vacuum up the fur. Empty the vacuum cleaner. Forget why we came into the kitchen to begin with. Go over to the couch to play Xbox, brain aching with molten desire. See metal shavings, also notice couch-cover is filthy. Take it into the laundry room. Pick up an old beach blanket and a ruined sleeping bag to cover the couch with, drag vacuum cleaner back with feet. Vacuum coffee table. Vacuum up fur around the coffee table. Vacuum up fur around the TV and Xbox. Vacuum up fur under the chairs and under the couch and coffee table. Empty the vacuum cleaner. Go into the laundry room again because you realize you have a load of laundry idling in there. Sigh about the mess in here. Think about your Xbox. Go into bedroom to look for laundry basket to put clean laundry into to bring into bedroom to fold. Get on computer. Check Twitter. Realize it is now 8:30. This is, however, slightly more fun than _actually_ playing Mass Effect 2. #loadrage #planetscannerminigamesucksballsaftertwominutes

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