A short one about bike nerd stuff

Seriously look at this fucking turdball. Let me tell you what, magicians. I guarantee you haven’t solved some materials science paradox and that means that you’re gonna have broken welds at every junction on this OPEN C SHAPE, but that is frankly the LEAST of your problems. Ergonomically, having your feet pedal slightly behind where you sit? That means you’re laying, full body weight, on your balls. Unless it hooks into a cleat on your belly button. But that’s still retarded. The steering geometry looks like a fucking six year old drew it up. I guarantee you with that little trail and the nonexistent stem, with little hipster bars? It’s gonna be jumpy and fucking horrible, no matter how much random mountainbike shock you cram into it.

Face it folks, this is just a motherfucking Unicycle with a steerable training wheel. It’s a clown bike. Stop reporting on it like it’s the next big step in cycling.

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