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@paigedestroy – Is marketing a tool for manipulation or merely a reaction to consumer needs and wants?

I think marketing started purely as a tool for manipulation and has evolved into a reaction to consumer needs and wants. Consider a hypothetical casino barker, he doesn’t care if his message is TRUE, just that it gets heard. “Loosest slots in town, strongest drinks on the strip”. His initial goal is to manipulate your opinion of his establishment prior to you judging for yourself.

It has evolved, though, over time, to include consumer information. I _want_ to know if a toilet paper is made out of recycled postconsumer waste. Strict jewish folks WANT to know if a hot dog is kosher. These info blurbs were a reaction to customer desires. You take enough calls about what is in your McNuggets, and pretty soon you go ahead and throw it on the box. “100% white meat chicken”.

And this is, again, another form of manipulation. Is white meat chicken better than dark meat? How “green” does a product have to be to have a recycled logo on it? This is again trying to prep your brain to receive their product in the best possible way. If they talk about how clean the building is (White Castle) you don’t necessarily notice that the food is kind of horrible for you. Your mind was prepped with the “Cleanest Fast Food” message, and it marks that data as “double verified” because not only did you see it was clean, you also heard it was clean.

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