Was attending open air concert at amalgam of McMenamins and Chandler Austin Field with Andre. He walks me to a corner where several people are passing around two large blunts, including Regina Grimes in a sun dress. She leans close when Andre hands me the poorly rolled blut and yells over the din of the concert “Wait, you have to tell him what is in it, you have to explain” and Andre cuts in “What’s in here? It’s a celebration! It’s a delightful blend of twenty three herbs and spices created specifically for joy.” Regina is tickled and begins to laugh uncontrollably. She is desperately trying to extract one of her Virginia Slim Ultra Lights from a box, but she keeps dropping the lighter. I am worried she’s going to offer me one, because my sister is coming soon and I don’t want her to think I’m smoking cigarettes.

I take a deep toke and pass the blunt off to (someone whose name I cannot recall). Andre says something to me that I don’t hear, and instead of exhaling smoke, I have to spit out an entire mouthful of something flaky into the grass. I sit down so I can spit it inconspicuously. A large green chunk of whatever it is falls into the grass and I look up and mug a little bit at Regina and Andre.

When I am done, I look down just in time to see someone filling up some small plastic cups with a hazy orange-brown liquid.

Presumably this is mushroom tea.

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