Seven Things

I got tagged to do this, so here we go.

1. I don’t wear a watch anymore. I used to really obsess about what time it was, and if I left the house without my watch on, I’d usually go back to put it on. I made a resolution to stop wearing a watch and my stress level has seriously dropped off.

2. I don’t wear underwear. I used to wear boxers, then I found boxer briefs, but at some point after college I just gave the fucking things up. Now I’m 100% commando, unless I’m going out to ride my bike in the cold, then I put on some long underwear. But that doesn’t really count.

3. A girl in my life drawing class in Junior High used to borrow my pocketknife all the time, and I never really understood why until about four years ago when I heard about “cutters”. She would ask me for it, and then I’d slip it to her under the table, and she’d apparently cut herself right there in class. I saw her bleeding once but never put it together until years later.

4. When I buy sweet/sour candy, I’ll eat it compulsively until it’s gone. I bought a box of Cherry Passion Tic-Tacs the other day at dinnertime and they were gone by the time I went to bed. I’ll eat an entire box of Runts during a movie and still have room for the Gobstoppers. This doesn’t seem to happen with chocolates.

5. I don’t like the sound it makes when you run your fingers across that weird fabric they make car headliners out of, it’s totally horrifying. When my sister was a toddler, she used to drool into and then suck on blankets and it made a noise with the same quality. If I hear it I’ll usually leave the room.

6. I played the Cello from fourth grade until high school. I was just OK, not spectacular, and I quit because I was too busy being moody to practice. I did a few recitals, mostly accompanied by Brian Terrel, a family friend. The last time I did a recital, it was going to be solo. I was going to play the Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1. I sat down, panicked, and played through it at 300% normal speed. I was so completely terrified I think I played the coda four times.

7. I write all wrong – fiction or nonfiction. I don’t do drafts, I rarely edit after I’ve written, I don’t outline, I don’t do notecards. I just sit down and my hands start moving and I start typing. Sometimes I’ll get eight perfect paragraphs down all in one go, sometimes I’ll get five in and realize the first three are terrible and just delete them, sometimes I’ll be six pages in and start over because it’s not coming together. When I go back and read some of the stuff I’ve written, it seems completely foreign to me and sometimes I really have to double check if it’s something I wrote or not. It’s kind of nice because sometimes I make myself laugh.

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6 thoughts on “Seven Things

  1. Nice post. I also eat candy until its gone but this applies to chocolate as well. I like when people write these type of lists. They give you a little glimmer into that persons life. Maybe I’ll do one of my own. I can really relate to #4.

  2. I stopped wearing a watch many years ago too but now that I have a cell phone I find myself checking the time just as much. :-/

  3. Huh. I figured I’d be able to knock out these seven things without a hitch, but I’ve been staring at a “1.” for like an hour now, and nothin. Might take me a little longer than I thought. Not gonna happen tonight, that’s for sure.

  4. LoL! I like the cello fact. My sis used to play the cello. I played the flute. My mom was our pianist for those hateful recitals, and trust me, practicing with your mom is 300% more painful than paying a total stranger.

  5. You know, this 7-things meme is completely outta control. You’re the third person to tag me this year. That’s three times within the only 16 days we’ve had of 2009. And, the thing is, I already this as a 6-things meme last year.

    Is the standard to a add a “thing” each year? That’s…weird.

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