So, I talked a little about the Sam Adams scandal, and I got a fair amount of backlash about what I said, from gays and straights alike, and I’m sure I hurt some feelings.

But a week on, things have come to light and Sam has decided against resignation, but one thing remains the same.

People trying to inoculate themselves against homophobia.

You see, when somebody says “It’s not the sex it’s the lying” about old Sam they are really saying “I HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH HOMOSEXUALS SO DON’T EVEN BRING IT UP”. Just like when they say “I’m Jewish and I don’t agree with Israel” it’s a way of saying “NO ANTI-SEMITE HERE AWOOGAH AWOOOGAH”. This, in and of itself is kind of to be expected, but there’s a subtext there that rankles my balls.

The silent second sentence in both of those arguments is “…And because of that I have some form of authority that doesn’t require backing up my statement”.

This I have a problem with. I don’t care if you’re so gay that Gay magazine named you King Queer, Gayest Gay of the High Holy Gay Days Rainbow Parade, or if you’re so Jewish that you shit matzo balls and piss schmaltz. What I care about is if you have a cogent argument to back up your opinion. I don’t care if you’re a mother of four or a ten year old kid. If you are gonna opine on something, you are gonna need to show your work if you want to be taken seriously.

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