A list of good band names…

A while ago, I was reading about GG Allin, and one of the articles included a listing of the bands he had been in. I will say this, GG Allin was the undisputed king of “being in bands with awesome names”. The Murder Junkies? The Jabbers? The Texas Nazis? Bulge? The AIDS Brigade? The guy had a fucking gift for either naming bands, or for finding people who had awesome band names to hang around with. This reminded me of when I was into paintball and Chris Ingle and I would sit there, endlessly creating “team names” for our never-to-be-formed professional paintball team (what I wouldn’t give to find that notebook again – filled to bursting with my bleary teenage idiocy). Here’s a short list of good band names I have come up with.

  • Voltaire and The Enemies of Reason
  • Makino and the Trampled By Horses (inspired by the Wikipedia on Blonde Redhead)
  • Tubby Grumbleneck
  • Hatemilk (this could be a Vegan/PETA punk outfit)
  • Delusional Juice Freak (I think I decided this was a Japanese Synth band)
  • Senator from Krypton
  • The Wrath of Menthol Ass (though this was just me whining about putting gold bond on my junk)
  • Teen-Age Dope Slaves (from this – I decided this was an Atari Teenage Riot cover band)
  • Dongs on Sticks
  • Twiddling the Electric Penis Machine (like an updated Pansy Division)

2 thoughts on “A list of good band names…

  1. My favorite is . Awesome band name.

    Also, GG Allin is an effing bastard. Suffice to say he treated a friend of mine in a most improper manner that could potentiallly result in incarceration…bastard.

  2. Yeah, I have no doubt he’s the sort of guy who would mistreat folks. I mean anybody whose live show involves sticking hotdogs in his ass and eating them is probably not gonna have a lot of respect for others.

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