The election

Without getting into the details here, this is the fourth election I’ve followed with much interest (Bush I vs. Clinton was pretty much the earliest election I was fully aware of, and I wasn’t much interested at the time), and by far the most divisive one I’ve seen or heard about. One of the things that I like about the internet is that you can catalog the claims someone makes and fact check them (to greater or lesser degrees of accuracy) by yourself. But if you are lazy, like me, you can also just let CNN do it for you. In the past I’ve had little good to say about CNN but this is a very very good feature. What would make it a great feature is some real attribution and maybe even a link or two to the articles it’s pulling data from, but hey. They’re probably lazy too. I’d like to see more news outlets doing shit like this, basically a post-mortem on speeches, claims, wild gesticulations, and other shenanigans which are now the bread-and-butter of American politics.

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