Self Censored

Someone asked if blog burnout has been a problem for me. I thought about it for a minute, and after some thought, realized I have “burned out” of at least three blogs in the past. Interesting, but their follow up is what threw me for a loop.

“What contributed to the burn out?”

Well… Self Censorship. Whenever too many people close to my personal life start reading my blog, I stop having as much fun with it. I don’t hang as many opinions out there, I start to avoid stories because I’m afraid it will cause tension. I stop writing what I feel. And usually those things that I’m afraid will rock the boat are the ones that gnaw at me.

A blog is a way to talk about the things you can’t talk about in person. It’s a way to rock the boat without losing your job. And once you start closing the valve on that outlet, it’s very easy to become burned out on it.

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