At least it wasn’t the Ohio flag…

All I can think of when I read this is this.

Honestly. It’s 2008… and we’re still chasing fake giant nigger bogey men? Brad said something earlier about how all this really highlighted was how calm and tolerant arabs and blacks have been in the states, and I think he’s right. If white people got treated with the same blend of condescension, fear, loathing, and suspicion that black people get treated in this country, we’d have riots DAILY. There’d be one nonstop white riot that spread from Sonoma California to Salt Lake City Utah to Boulder Colorado. Yes, black people rioted when the Rodney King verdict came down. Yes, black people rioted in 1965 over some poor treatment of another black motorist. But let’s face it, white people riot when their football team loses. Shit, we white people riot when our football teams WIN. All it would take is one Manhattan Starbucks refusing to serve white people on a Monday morning and by Saturday the aftermath would make Katrina look like a sprinkler was left on too long.

And as for this story, my initial reaction was that it had to be a spoof. I assumed that this was going to end with Howard Stern laughing about how he put one over on the cops, or something like that. Let me just put it in real simple words for you – Criminals don’t give a fuck about politics. A person who is gonna knife you for $60 at an ATM doesn’t have a huge stake in how many seats the Dems hold in the Senate. They probably don’t know what the Senate is. They probably don’t fucking care. Their main goal is gonna be to stab you and take that $60 away. The only place where criminals have strong party affiliations is in the fevered brain of a straight up bigot. And it’s amazing how that affiliation is always the opposite of theirs.

In short, if you believed this woman’s story, you need to analyze where those feelings came from. Is there a giant negro in your head, raging, ready to kill you and take your precious white-person stuff?

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