Physical Exhaustion

There’s something compelling, for me, about physical exhaustion. To drive oneself straight to the point where if you do not rest, you understand that damage will start occurring. When you’re just starting to do something, you are still thinking about the real world, about something other than the activity at hand. But eventually, the act gains momentum, and you cannot think of anything outside of it. It’s a very interesting sensation, when the entire world is reduced to you, your body, and the motion.

I walk. If there’s anything I have that is close to a superpower, it is that I can walk for a very, very long time. People rarely comment on it as a positive thing, it’s usually “Aaron… let’s take a bus or a taxi or something, why are you still walking?” or “Aaron, stop, we need to rest.”, but there it is. So when my mom asked me if I wanted to do a marathon with her, I immediately took a shine to the idea.

So, with luck and persistence, she and I will run a marathon together. It’ll be fun to get into shape, and we’ll get to spend some time together.

Oh, and I had so much personal life crap happen that I had to start over on the pushups. I did a new exhaustion test and started on Week One, Level 3. It’s worked out so far, I’m concentrating this time on slow, all the way to the floor pushups. I’m also using the same charts to do crunches. Should be an interesting winter.

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