Dirty Hippies

There is much talk of subsistence, of humans needing to taper down our needs so we can maintain this level of population. Of backyard sorghum and no electricity.

I, for one, think we need to make progress. Huge progress. Horrible progress, stomping progress. At great human cost. Because that is what separates us from the cows in the field. We must diversify and breed, we must make ourselves hardy and sharp. We know how the great human empire ends if we subsist. Eventually some plague comes and wipes us out, or a meteor hits, or the poles melt. The sorghum doesn’t come in. Our history fades. This future is a dead end, it’s a 35 year lifespan of pain and suffering and never knowing poetry.

In my future, we aim that meteor at our enemies, we turn that plague into medicine, we blast off, away from here, in every direction, so that humankind will have a chance, however slim, of survival.

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