Apple’s iWin for iEverything iAllthetime

Every “nod your head after it works” tech-futurist retard on the planet is now writing a column about how Apple is going to rule the entire world, and I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity :

To quote Ross Rubin: “Apple has shown that it has learned from mistakes it made with the first Mac. Whereas early monochrome Macs were a tough sell for game developers, Apple has highlighted games as some of the most impressive early third-party applications for the iPhone and iPod touch.”

Yes, this is exactly true! Games literally and figuratively caused the computer revolution to take place. It has nothing to do with spreadsheets, business apps, computers to control machinery or any of that other pap. The color graphics of such computer giants as Amiga and Commodore were what catapulted them over the competition, leaving such command-line-black-and-white dinosaurs as Microsoft’s stillborn “DOS” operating system and the now nearly unhead of uglyware “Unix” as mere footnotes in history. As I write this on my AmigaOS 42.2 supercomputing laptop, I remember when the first Amiga was elected to Senate. Apple learned from this important lesson and quickly made the change to color screens (as soon as that pesky technology caught up) and from there it has been UNMITIGATED SUCCESS! The total victory started when they went to color and continued as they attempted time and time again to make a game console. Another big mistake righted when Apple finally started allowing the Internet on their computers, something which was not even AVAILABLE on their earliest computers, not even as an option! Disgusting! How else were people supposed to play World of Warcraft (another thing that didn’t ship with the early Macintosh, but would have been a really good idea in retrospect).

I’m off to configure my Commodore c1024 to optimize the solar array on my rooftop, while the Amiga that runs Wall Street finalizes some trades for me.

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