Penis Copter

Fargo: penis… copter
Fargo: you don’t hear that every day, ya know?
Aaron: Well, I do.
Aaron: But I’m a Penis Copter technician.
Fargo: oh
Fargo: did you take a course in that, or was it on the job training?
Aaron: There ain’t exactly a Penis Copter Institute of Technology, buddy.
Aaron: You gotta earn your stripes out there on a Penis Copter refueling team or something.
Aaron: I married into it, myself.
Fargo: oh, i thought there was a school in Nebraska, offering degrees and job placement
Aaron: That’s all just a big scam, trying to get you to invest in their Penis Copter team, lots of talk about lateral markets and cross-promotion.
Aaron: I’ll take two hands wrapped around a Penis Copter fuel line over two shares of an exhibition class Penis Copter in Duluth any day of the week.
Fargo: are there different classes of penis copter? like do you start in the Asian league or what?
Aaron: There’s Euro Cock GT, P.R.I.K class, World Sack.
Fargo: i hear the ring courses can be very technical in Europe
Aaron: Pretty much the pinnacle of the sport is right here in the heartland, Penis Copter 500.
Aaron: Born of moonshiners trying to figure out how to make the most penis-shaped bootlegging rigs.
Fargo: ….why… why would they do that?
Aaron: Adopted by the domestic Penis Copter industry as the vanguard of Penis Copter technology.
Aaron: Machines, matched, a true battle of Penis Copter pilot wills.
Fargo: oh, so it’s one of those boring “everyone has the same gear” classes?
Fargo: please. that’s for the masses
Fargo: i thought you were better than that Slappy
Aaron: Listen, you want to go work on some greasy uncut Peniscopter with no hair on the sack while listening to some 92 pound Frenchman whine at you, go ahead.
Aaron: As for me, I’ll take a good old American Pork sword with wings on it and the stars and mother fucking stripes on the side.
Fargo: i’m just saying that i need nuance in my flying genital sports

2 thoughts on “Penis Copter

  1. I still want to know why moonshiners would compete to see who could make the most penis shaped rigs.

  2. And you also want to watch some eurotrash do a PenisCopter steeple chase with a stinky anteater running twostroke, so I just can’t be of much help, can I.

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