Firefox 3 Beta 5

OK, I know that this is still beta software, but this functionality has been present for three Beta revisions and doesn’t seem to be getting addressed at all.

Mozilla dudes – How do I disable fucking “work offline” mode permanently? I don’t use Network manager to manage my connection (I use a bridged connection at home for virtualization and when I’m dialed in on my laptop with my cellphone Network Manager isn’t an option, PPP has been broken for fucking ever). I don’t want to stare at an old version of my homepage like some kind of retard. I don’t want to have to uncheck a god damned box every fucking time I start up the software (with the mouse no less, no god damned keyboard shortcut either). If I cannot disable Work Offline mode – WHY THE FUCK NOT? Does it piss off the Baby Jesus? Did _I_ piss off the baby Jesus?

One thought on “Firefox 3 Beta 5

  1. I have to agree. This is probably the most irritating feature any browser can have. This must be the first time a feature of Firefox has truly been irritating me to the extent that I am on the verge of abandoning it for another browser. Epiphany has the same annoying feature. If there was only a way to disable this “feature” forever!!!

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