DNS Retardation

I use my laptop connected to my cell phone for the internet, that much I’ve talked about before. But one thing that keeps coming to bite me in the ass is my DNS setup.

First off, when I’m at home, I have a gateway computer, which I use as the primary DNS, mostly for name resolution of our various utility computers. So when I dial in, I go into my resolv.conf and delete that line. Which sucks. I hate having to do it, but the DNS servers that AT&T provides when I dial in are fucking terrible.

So I was using OpenDNS’s free dns servers, which are great, except if you have a slow internet connection, which seems to cause it to report every other mother fucking page as being down, and conveniently offers NO LINK TO GO BACK AND TRY IT AGAIN. Which is just great for all you masochists out there.

Eventually, I tired of this and switched back to the old standby,, which is burned into my head from my time at Mindspring’s help desk. Unfortunately, they seem to have installed the SAME BULLSHIT dns detection crap as everyone else.

Does anybody offer a no-frills fucking DNS service anymore, or do they all have bullshit filtering and crap in them?

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