Clamshell envy…

This is a pretty accurate indictment of Windows Mobile devices. I say pretty accurate because Extremetech is not the finest tech journal out there, and also because I don’t really think that the iPhone is all that hot. Sure, it’s got a GREAT user interface, really game changing design. But the fact of the matter is it’s a last gen device, even at launch. EDGE data? Really? I had that on my HTC Wizard. It’s slow as balls.

So I found myself stuck with the choice of another Windows Mobile phone with 3G data, a Palm Centro (same problem as the iPhone, neat as a pin, but only EDGE), switching providers for something like a Sidekick (not gonna happen), or no smartphone options at all. Then I went over to my mom’s house and she was playing with her Samsung clamshell phone and we got to talking about battery life, she told me she usually has to charge it twice a week, maybe three times. This from a woman who talks on the phone probably 4 hours a day. To put this in perspective, with the Wizard, I had to charge it every day, even though I probably do less than four hours of talking a week. Granted, I used the bluetooth DUN for data on my laptop, but even disregarding that, if I let the phone go without a charge all weekend, Monday morning it was dead, whether I got a call or not.

In short, my whizbang all you can eat do it all 200mhz pocket computer from the future was suddenly being outshined in primary functionality by a free clamshell phone.

So I went to the AT&T store and looked around at the 3G smartphones, and the Centro, and the iPhone, and eventually I settled… on a regular slider phone with 3G data. It’s fucking amazing. The battery life is easily twice what the Wizard was for data tethering. The standby on the battery is ten times as long. And the 3G data? You know how they call things mobile broadband? This is what they mean. Edge is mobile.. internet. Ish. HSDPA is mobile broadband. 30-60Kbps downloads, snappy responsiveness. I no longer have to reconnect five or six times a day. It’s bliss. Samsung A737, if it weren’t for your funky nonstandard charger port, I’d say you were the perfect phone. As it is, you’re better than the alternatives.

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