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Over this…

OK. Let’s be honest here. I’m not Mr. Recycling. Before I moved up to Oregon where recycling is compulsory (and easy), I didn’t ever split up my garbage (except when aluminum scrap prices were high enough and we were broke enough to justify it). And I still consciously wince every time I realize I’m spending time rinsing dog food cans or milk jugs, which I could easily just huck in the trash and never think about again (or – at least – never think about until I’m on a donkey, headed across the wasteland, eating a can of sweetened condensed milk, in a post-gas-crisis world). But I did buy a car largely based on it’s gas mileage (again, not as altruistic as you might think, I was buying with my wallet in mind), I do bike commute to work (because I’m too cheap to pay a gym membership), and I do use public transit when possible (like when it’s possible that I’ll pass out behind the wheel of a car). I even support sustainable power (by checking that box on my bill, not sure what good that does), and hate that I can’t opt out of the phone book (because I never use the fucking worthless thing) and the Oregonian samplers (if I see the car that throws that fucking rag into my yard it’s gonna get quite the keying).

But the point of recycling, and using recycled materials is to save the planet, right? And the average person (me) doesn’t give two shits about some huge landfill country (Botswana? Like I’m ever gonna vacation there) and the kids that live atop my ex-furniture. So the only way to really get anyone to do anything is to offer a monetary benefit. Recycled bags are cheaper than new, so grocery stores use them. Recycled paper is cheaper than bleached, so companies and schools buy it. Recycling is about rewarding people who don’t know enough to do good by themselves, and hopefully make it a habit (see : Can and Bottle surcharge, Oregon).

Before I ramble more, the mother fucking point is not to make your recycled goods more expensive than equivalent or better goods made from new raw materials.

Now, I already clicked on the AntiApathy link there on Worn Again’s website, and I get that the idea is to appeal to people who (unlike me) actively seek out opportunities to do good. And if these folks come into power, I realize I’ll be on the “I grudgingly recycled” Group-W bench with the loggers and the father rapers. But in the meantime, I think you can do a lot more good attracting would-be recyclers with honey (or more specifically, through money) than with SEVENTY FIVE DOLLAR FLIP FLOPS.

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