A victory garden… but with plasma cutters and shit.

This is an unbelievably cool idea. $100 a month is a little steep for me, at least as I would use it. And $1200 a year? No discount for that big purchase up front? Weird. But $30 for a full day… that could really work out nicely.

It reminds me of the concept of community canning centers and gardens, but taken up a notch. I’d love to be able to go down, spend $30 and whittle up a couple of projects I’ve been wanting to get to on a bridgeport. Or $50 and take a class about how to lay up carbon fiber (carbon fiber codpiece here I come). Plus the social angle gives me a boner. Finding out who wants to spend Wednesday night putting the finishing touches on their hand built asphalt gravity-luge instead of watching drek on TV is very appealing.

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