Toys for Pele.

So an increasingly common desktop crash (might be some add on for Firefox? Not sure) smoked a long, semi-weepy post, retrospectively talking about 2007 and what I got done in that nut-grinder of a year. Maybe if I’m feeling maudlin again I’ll go back and do it over again. Short version? Lot of shit done, lots of people to thank for being my friend. I love you all dearly and it swells my heart when I think of you. But now we’re firmly in 2008, and despite getting off to an icy and wet start, I have some goals I want to lay down for the year.

1. I want to be under 200 pounds by this time in 2009. This will involve dieting, exercising, and lots of discipline.

2. I want to be at minimum a MCP by this time in 2009. Preferrably most of the way to an MCSE. This will involve buckling down and finally taking some fucking initiative in my career. I work plenty hard, but I tend to imagine that somehow the power of my charisma alone will allow me to advance my career, or will save me from the unthinkable (being laid off, etc).

3. I want to contribute to a Roth IRA this year. I am not going to say a maximum contribution, because I think it makes more sense to apply the maximum to my car loan.

4. I want to ride over 2500 miles this year. Commuting every day that I’m not on call will take care of probably half of this goal. This basically means that I’d like to enforce some recreational riding this year. One 30 mile ride per week, plus the commuting, will send me sailing past this goal nicely.

5. I want to decaffeinate. I have been drinking a press pot of coffee two or three times a week at work, and routinely drink sodas from the afternoon onwards. I am suffering from some eye twitches and muscular soreness that is related to the dehydration and overcaffeination that this leads to, not to mention the weird sleep patterns, and not feeling very rested. Water, water, water. This will be the drink for 2008.

6. Declutter. My house is full of crap. Not junk. Crap. It’s not worthless, it’s just not really that useful to me. Every horizontal surface is overflowing with strange, single purpose devices and things that no longer interest me. My bedroom is filled with boxes that haven’t been opened in months. This will end.

That’s it. These are ambitious goals, I know, but I think they’re worth the effort. Hope everyone else out there had as much good in their 2007 as I did.

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  1. Wow, you are truly brave to try decaffeinating. I’m not sure I’ll ever get up enough courage to put that on my list. You are definitely being ambitious, but that’s good. Number 4 will help a lot with Number 1 so it’s more like 5 things. I was thinking a bit about my goals and decided to leave off some big ones and add a few easier ones in the mix. This way I might actually tackle the easy ones first to give a sense of accomplishment and positive encouragement or something. My list:
    1. Exercise and lose weight
    2. Learn some basics about video formats, conversion, and editing
    3. Scan at least 30% of old pre-digital family photos
    4. Organize closets
    5. Fix problems and make upgrades to house
    6. Convert blog to new blogger format
    7. Wash car more often

    Anyways, wish you the best for the new year.

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