Wow has this month jumped right up and kicked my ass. We came out of our holiday change freeze and every single project wanted to be completed NOW or YESTERDAY. Short version: I am tired as hell.

I did get to go down to San Diego and visit Jason Watkins, my college roommate. It was surprisingly fun, considering that we haven’t talked in like ten years. He’s got a very interesting life now, and even though he ended up working two days that I was down there, there is a kind of leisure in being involved in a different life. Whereas he might have been bored of doing white level calibration and setting up soft boxes for pictures, it was entertaining for me. I got to hold reflectors and move lights. A very different life than mine, and one I don’t think I could necessarily live every day. It was fun for a weekend though.

Next stop, headed back to HQ for my review second week of Feb, and then gotta figure out when I’m going to Phoenix to visit (I want to go in March, but I’m kind of depending on what my folks want to do). Busy busy busy.

Also, my 401k is raping me inside out. That is all.

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