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Brad mentioned the other day that he was wishing for an iPod that he could just stream music to from his computer, so it’d be like a hugely larger collection of music than he normally has. I read about a Google Code project that would let you do it from MacOSX, and then I found this, which says it’ll work from Rhythmbox. Despite having absolutely fantastic taste in blog design: It’s neat, but this is all really kind of a shitty solution.

What I’d like is a device that had wireless (preferably of a variety that can be set up to hook to a wpa secured network so I don’t have to turn off security just for it) and supported UPnP. That way I could set up my UPnP server to serve all of my music, and I could actually select what I wanted to play from the device, instead of just setting up my computer to spew tons of generic, random tracks at me. It’d let you skip stuff you didn’t want to hear without having to go back to the source, etc. Like my own personal shoutcast remote control for my pocket.

While I’m making unlikely-to-be-fulfilled wishlists :

  • I’d like a bluetooth pin utility that wasn’t total crap for linux.
  • I’d like a Samba configuration for my file server that didn’t randomly differentiate when I mount something via CIFS or browse to it in Nautilus.
  • I’d like a full featured http-interface page for VLC that includes turning on and off subtitles.
  • I’d like a couple of 1080i or 720p OTA HD channels in my area that didn’t just play fucking football all the time.
  • I’d like a well documented UPnP server for linux that supported the XBox360.
  • I’d still like a remote controlled DVI or HDMI connected media playing device that supported Xvid/Divx and playing from network-mounted storage.
  • I’d like a blowjob on my birthday.

I guess that’s about all I can think of right now.

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  1. Fantastic taste indeed!

    The iPhone streaming article IS a shitty hack. I wrote it about 24 hours after I got my iPhone that didn’t sync with Linux OTB.

    As for your wishlist:
    1. Bluetooth is for cyborgs or robots. Which are you?
    2. Sounds like user error.
    3. VLC http-interface was supposed to get a HUGE overhaul in the next version, it was in their roadmap, and it totally sucks right now as-is. I’m not looking for you, but the RC API might have an option to turn on/off subs.
    4. Move
    5. Buy
    6. Source code should suffice as documentation:
    7. AppleTV
    8. Sorry, don’t swing that way, I’ll ask my SO on your behalf.


  2. Oops.. #5 doesn’t make sense, probably because there is only 7 items on your wishlist and I’ve made an extra one. Time to goto sleep I guess.

  3. 1. Oh, the Samba config is without a doubt User Error, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what the problem is.
    2. Bluetooth is, primarily, for connecting to the internet with my laptop, so I suppose that makes me a robot? Though a robot probably wouldn’t make Samba conifugration mistakes. We’ll call that a push.
    3. I don’t think the VLC http interface _sucks_, per se. It’s about as full featured as XBox Media Center, just not quite as pretty.
    4. Moving seems like a terrible hack that requires a more elegant solution (like just torrenting more TV, which has worked for me thus far, but sometimes I want to vegetate and pretend someone is doing the programming for me. Maybe I’ll hack up something to insert Youtube commercials in my playlist)
    5. Indeed
    6. You knew precisely what project I was talking about when I mentioned poorly documented UPnP server. When ‘poorly documented’ is a descriptor that immediately comes to mind, there is an issue. I am, however, downloading the source code now to see if I can decipher how it uses the configuration file and if there’s a way to put the -x option in there.
    7. This _is_ interesting. I never noticed that it had HDMI or that anyone had done anything to put more functionality on the box. That’s worth a look.
    8. I’m touched, or at least I will hopefully be touched, in about two months.

  4. Note that I have reversed 1 and 2. That is because I wanted to make you feel better about the insertion of 5 and also because it is very dark outside and cold.

  5. Yeah the AppleTV is totally hackable – the same company that hosts Ubuntu’s website offers dedicated AppleTV hosting – no kidding!

    It’ll run Linux or the full version of OSX (a non-stripped down version will run much slower – but usable).

    The main problem I have with the AppleTV by default is that you can’t stream things like DivX or Xvid out of the box, otherwise it is pretty damn close to a perfect set-top device.

    I picked up a Pioneer divx/xvid/upconverting dvd player for a third of the price of the AppleTV. Although it is NOT network attached, it’s a simple hop skip and jump with a 8gb thumb drive to get any media over to it.

    Sneakernet is NOT to be under-appreciated. It approaches near infinite security when implemented properly. Compare to any consumer wireless security and it’s like poking holes in a wet 1-ply peice of toilet paper.

  6. The AppleTV stuff I’ve read thus far is very promising, though I’ll probably end up spending the couple of bucks for an IR receiver and see if I can get some less-laptop-dependent remote controllage working on the TVPC first. And I’m sure an AppleTV would sufficiently run my site, but 50 pounds a month seems a little steep.

    Also I parsed through the source for ushare and found the options. Some round tuits later I’m going to make a documentation page for the ushare.conf, there’s only like six options you can set in there anyways.

    The thing about the Pioneer dvix/xvid/play from USB drive thing is also interesting. There were a couple of dirty-but-probably-undirtyable NAS devices that did NAS plus USB support. If I could hook up one of those, copy files to it from the network, and play them from the DVD player it’d be pretty slick, and hey, no wireless. Hrm. Plus bonus upconverting DVD player. Stuff to think about.

  7. I think I’ll dig the one we have around here out and figure out if it just presents as a USB mass media device or if it had weird drivers. It killed a HDD because of poor cooling but it’ll be good enough just to test.

  8. My unlikely-to-be-fulfilled technology related wishlist:

    1. Easy way to import my old Outlook email into Gmail with the correct header data (I don’t expect foldernames to be turned into labels and applied or filters to be importable or other more complicated features)
    2. Option to delete an attachment and keep the email message in Gmail
    3. Easy way to convert my old highly customized html Blogger template into the new Blogger template format (css) or backwards compatibility for the new widgets
    4. Option to add already purchased items to Amazon’s gift organizer without having purchased them on Amazon
    5. Option to add older blog postings into Google Reader’s Starred or Shared Items using the permalink url (if it’s been pushed off the bottom of the feed)
    6. Option somewhere (maybe Firefox?) to disable whatever style is being used to create those weird cursor/carets in Wikipedia’s search box and some Google search boxes that have that curly thing on the top that drives me insane
    7. Drag and drop functionality for data in cells in Open Office Calc (like how Excel lets you do it)
    8. Option in Excel to disable all automatic hyperlinking or at the very least a keyboard shortcut to remove the hyperlink
    9. Allow contacts on my Razr to not be assigned a speed dial
    10. Option in my voicemail menu to save a message to mp3 format and email it to myself
    11. Destruction of all automatic paper towel dispensing devices in public restrooms

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