Google Reader Shared Items

Google Reader, the only RSS reader worth my time, has just pumped up the awesome to 11.

As long as you have a friend in your contacts (I guess this is how it works) with shared items, they automatically show up in your reading list. There seems to be a way to ignore certain users which is nice, depending on how many people in my contact list end up using Google Reader.

I just ended up reading eight things that Brad shared, and a couple of them were so cool I went ahead and subscribed to the feeds.

I’ve been waiting anxiously for this type of social angle to Google Reader since I first noticed that you could share items. With sufficient friends, it would be like a more personal metafilter.

Now, pretty please Google add a one-key keyboard shortcut for sharing items. (Shift? Seriously? Are we out of keys on here already?) Also it wouldn’t kill you to put a “subscribe feed” button right in the shared item, instead of me having to click on the feed link first.

One thought on “Google Reader Shared Items

  1. It doesn’t seem to filter out duplicates but everyone’s whining about that so I assume they’ll get on it.

    Pretty cool though. I’ve been subscribed to your shared items feed for a while and it’s very relaxing having the good stuff on Metafilter pointed out to me.

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