DVD::Rip Part 2

I finally got DVD Rip to rip a movie (unfortunately I selected the wrong audio track and got the commentary).

1. Cluster mode – Nerd cool but broken as shit. Crashed out with the ever helpful “ERROR” even when I was only running on my local machine.

2. SMP – It doesn’t seem to quite max out the CPU, but it does the job acceptably fast.

3. Options – Here is a major bitch point. This is one of those programs with dozens of options that never really explains what they do. It would be nice if there was a “wizard mode” or “guided mode” that would just take the fucking DVD and make it into an avi, without the random “Rip” and then “Crop” and then “Whatzis” and “Be Candid” sections.

4. Size – I ripped a DVD with zero resize, no cropping, just MP3 audio and Xvid, and it told me the file would be 6GB in size (slightly larger than the DVD). It ended up being 1.4 GB… for reasons I cannot explain.

I’m giving it another shot, because Fargo was able to make a good copy of Godzilla using x264 (and the correct audio track), so I want to see if it’s just me being a tard or what.

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