So, I’ve been seeing a lot of situations lately where tasers are being used left and mother fucking right for no good god damned reason.

Law enforcement officers of the world, here is the question you need to ask yourself before you use that taser.

“Would I have shot him with my sidearm?”

If the answer is yes, the situation, before the common outfitting of the taser, was a situation that would have become a shooting, then go ahead. Blast that fucker. That’s the goal of the device, to reduce shootings, not to increase the number of projectile assaults an officer gets to participate in.

If the answer is no, then put the fucking thing away. Don’t taze an old man just because he doesn’t speak your language, don’t taze a college student for asking questions, don’t taze a college student for failing to show ID, don’t taze a motorist for asking you a question about the crime you’re accusing him of. If you are not prepared at this point to kill the person, then don’t shoot them, with anything.

The situation immediately following a tazing should flow like this.

Taze to the ground.
Draw firearm.
Be prepared to put a slug in the fucker if he moves from the place you tazed him to. Put a knee in his neck and arrest him.

It shouldn’t ever be a situation where you taze him to the ground, ask him to do something, taze him again for not listening, taze him again for making you taze him, taze him a third time for fun, taze him a fifth time for making you mess up your taze count. This isn’t the proper use of the device, this is you torturing someone who cannot understand anything you’re saying.

Don’t get me started on the “pepper spray dousings” you guys seem to think is a perfectly rational way to respond to a demonstration is.

Law Enforcement Agencies out there – you need to get a fucking handle on this quick, and start treating each taser discharge the same way you would treat an officer shooting someone with a gun. There needs to be accountability in any use of force.

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