Some kind of wonderful…

I’ve heard that song like four times today. Can I get a witness.

Anyhow, I wanted to let everyone know that this is the best written review of anything ever. There should be a chapter on this in journalism textbooks. There has never been a multipart review that I actually fiended for the second installment of. This is a unique experience. Much like Stephen Fry’s positively-titanic review of the iPhone and every item in history that could possibly be called part of it’s family tree, it gave me a moment of unadulterated joy for the unabashed honesty and humanity of the reviewer, the passion they had for the craft of writing, and the detail with which they expressed their opinions.

More reviews should be written with this level of passion and personality. Just sayin’. And that is why I am working on my review of “No Country For Old Men”. Will it be long? As sure as Cormack McCarthy a Vietnam obsessed blowhard with a talent for evocative imagery and an inability to cinch a story together!

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