Of Bigass TeeVees and Chili and Laziness

So, I finally ended up getting an HDTV. My folks indicated early on that they were going to be giving me cash “to be applied to a TV” for Christmas, and that freed up some budgetary concerns, and allowed me to take part in the great American tradition of going woefully into debt between Thanksgiving and New Years. I am now $700 into my future pay, but with the benefit of having a TV that is so big that pornography seems _extra_ pornographic on it. Even with just my regular, sad, normal Xbox (composite) video feed, things look very nice indeed (aside from having to fiddle with the fill-width-versus-center button from time to time depending on what I’m doing in XBMC). The lower quality rips I have are decidedly lower quality looking on the LCD than they were on the powerfully cheap Symphonic 27-but-probably-more-like-25-inch that I was using before, but also they’re being blown up nearly twice the size so whatever. DVDs look passable, and I have gone into additional debt with the goal of improving this video situation (Dear eBay: Send one Xbox High Definition AV Pack pleaseandthankyou). So, Westinghouse 42-inch 1080p LCD set, you are awesome.

A couple notes, I did have to go in and turn on the Interlace Filtering. Otherwise occasionally there would be a rainbow band, single pixel high, at the top of the screen. Not sure what that was about, other than I guess it was probably a function of the crappy compsite video. Hopefully the AV pack thing fixes that shit. I also find myself woefully low on High Definition content to put on there. I believe there are some “Discovery Planet Earth” torrentia in my future (despite their hugeness).

I also made chili this weekend, in the spirit of conspicuous consumption and in keeping with the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas lardgorge tradition of the Walker family. It came out OK, but just OK. I forgot to add onions until way too late in the game, and there is still something fundamentally missing from my spice mix. I think the chili powder I ended up using was weak and sad. Next time, I’ll make my own from dried chiles. Also I used about 1/3 pork to 2/3 beef. The pork was VERY lean and I think that contributed to a poor mouthfeel. Next time I will either find fattier pork or supplement with bacon ends and pieces. Not as good as Carrol Shelby’s spice pack, and that’s pretty weak.

And on to cycling, of which I have done very fucking little. It got cold, I got sick, and now I have grown lazy, waking up at 6:15, checking my email, showering, and driving in to work as the rule rather than the exception. I need to fix this, but man has it been bitch cold out there. I have my sheer-ish balaclava and my warm gloves found, so now I just need to man up and get on the bike in the morning. It’s no longer in that awkward 50 degree area where I’d sweat through my clothes under my jacket, either. 30 degree mornings all the way around, dry and clear, which is pretty good weather for riding. I need to find some sort of clear eye-things. I can wear my cool-cat sunglasses I got in my post-op kit, but wearing dark glasses at 6am is retarded, and I’d like some wind protection. I guess if I really wanted to ride in I’d set my alarm back to normal time and pack my bags the night before, so I am going to try to do that tonight and ride in Tuesday/Thursday this week.

Also I had a coffee date on Saturday which was quite nice. I am trying to work up the stones to ask for a second less coffeeish meeting, but haven’t thought of a place to go. Maybe Kenny and Zukes.

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