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Well, unlike Fargo, I had very few issues upgrading from Feisty to Gutsy on my laptop (Inspiron 6400 core duo 1.6 with ATI x1400 video). GnomePPP doesn’t work, but as it transpires, GnomePPP was just holding me back. Going with wvdial has made my phonetnernet (bluetooth DUN to my Cingular 8125) connection a) more stable and b) approximately twice as fast. I don’t know why this is but I don’t care. I downloaded 30MB worth of updates this morning through the phone and when using GnomePPP I would have never even TRIED it.

My battery life is better with Gutsy than it was with Feisty. I haven’t done a run-to-death check yet, but it lasts about 3 hours by my estimation. This is before I set the ACPI “laptop mode” to true. Maybe I’ll do some tests this weekend, but 3 hours is satisfactory for me. I could probably eke more out but I’m not gonna worry about it.

The real triumph though was the “upgrade” of my desktop.

I know, you’re thinking, “Wait, Aaron, you installed the Gutsy Beta, you should have just slowly been patched up to release.” Oh, you’re so right. But the problem was I installed Gutsy Beta AMD64.

Why does that matter? Oh, here’s why.

Linux on the AMD64 is NOT FULLY BAKED. I’m going to put it somewhere between a quarter baked and half baked. I spent hours trying to link fucking 32 bit libraries to get Wine to compile (binaries ran OK but I needed an update to buy stuff through Steam), I spent hours trying to get a fucking java runtime environment working in firefox/swiftfox. No such luck on either. Suggestions on both ran from “well documented and out of date” to “vague, incomplete, and current”. This appears to be the entire AMD64 experience. Tons of stuff worked just perfectly. Other stuff harkened back to the bad old days [apply this patch file : patch file deleted see article at (updated no longer needed)] NO SERIOUSLY DUDE I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM I BET IT IS STILL NEEDED BY ME BECAUSE I NEED IT.

So I hawked the 32 bit Gutsy disk in, and cranked up the install, choosing to mount my home volume and not format it.

And everything worked fine.

I had to reinstall apps, but all my settings were still in my home directory so they cranked back up. Deluge even picked up the torrents I was seeding and started up again. Two hours, start to entirely-operational-again.

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