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I just got off my week of 24×7 oncall, and I feel like somebody hit me with a sack of trucks. Yesterday I got paged at 4am, then once I got finished with that, I laid back down and got paged at 6, then laid back down and was paged again at 9. I finally got to sleep after that for about an hour, then overcaffeinated myself all day. This, and another nap around 4pm, set me up for a night of tossing and turning and paranoiac pager checking. With the onset of rain, the dogs have taken to sleeping on my bed. They were not amused.

However, Google has added street view to Portland, Phoenix, and Tucson, so I have been playing with it like whoa.

Here is the house. It is amazing to me that they did these recently enough to have caught our cars out front. That’s the Honda of Much Timing Belt Nuisance, and the Corvair over in the hole of shame.

Here is where we were renting. Looks like they were caught in the middle of renovating it, the door was most certainly on it’s hinges when we lived there, and there was a ratty wobbly bannister around the porch. Hope they fixed the roof before sinking too much money into it.

Phoenix hasn’t been scanned too well, so there’s not a lot I can do there.

If you walked down this sidewalk past Best Buy and the TJ Maxx (or equally shitty discount clothing store) and turned left, there is a strange concrete and aluminum ampitheater with these lovely white sails. I used to go there to smoke cigarettes when I was depressed. Being a teenager at the time, this meant I practically got my mail here. I visited less frequently when Mesa passed it’s anti public smoking laws.

In the foreground here, the building with the blue letters on it used to be a Tower records. I bought my first CD here (2 Legit 2 Quit, still one of the awesomest looking CDs I’ve ever seen. Too bad about the music though.) If you head back a ways, there’s Three Fountains movie theater, which was crapulent by every measure. If you were to then turn left and head over a couple suites, you would be at Essenza (I had to search for that name), a coffee shop that I spent approximately 1200 hours at between the ages of 16 and 20. I am technically a master coffee craftsman simply by benefit of osmosis. I would sit for hours at a time, with a Swisher Sweet and my journal frantically scribbling the long-form version of “WHY DON’T GIRLS LIKE ME” while simultaneously being surrounded by girls that liked me. Sad/retarded.

You may wonder why my entire world rotated around Fiesta Mall, and that is simple. I lived in Chandler, and the girls in my life (once I could drive) lived in Tempe. This was middle ground.

More of this later.

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