The IT Crowd

Boing Boing is notorious for being overwhelmingly supportive of half-assed ideas simply because of their commitment to copyright reform. This is a fact, and I can back it up with proof.

The IT Crowd. Go download a copy of season 2 episode 5 or watch it on BBC’s website. I’ll wait.

I know I didn’t have to wait long, you guys all checked out about 7 minutes in didn’t you. Maybe you left it running in the background or something you can go ahead and stop it or close it. It’s not getting any better. What part of the show offended you the most?

I’m going to go with the fact that it wasn’t funny in the fucking slightest, but I’m willing to pay attention to other theories.

Boing Boing posts about this show EVERY WEEK. EACH EPISODE is cause for a post about how funny the show is.

However – as you have just seen, from the ‘oh that is so wacky that dude has LIPSTICK on’ gag that lasts 5 fucking minutes to ‘nerd guys can’t say the word bra without passing out’ bit that somehow feels like it is still going on in my brain, in the place that makes hate, that cries for cleansing fire, that wants to douche the world with bleach : It is quite clear that this show sucks three dicks taped together.

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