Lots of creepy shit.

Well, isn’t this disturbing. I talked to Jackie the other day about the state of current affairs and she mentioned that she was compiling a list of bailout countries. Fargo and I have this discussion, say, three times a week now. I’m the sticky bitch on this one because I won’t live somewhere with horrendous snow, much to Fargo’s loudly-and-frequently-voiced disappointment.

I say this to those of you who live somewhere that if the fire goes out in winter you die : You should think about moving.

But for those of you who are wondering why someone would be thinking about leaving the United States, grand and beaming light of liberty it is, here’s a short list.

  • Despite the distinct absence of Tipper Gore, this fucking charade is still going on. I hope to christ that at some point these fucking retards win and manage to overturn free speech. Then maybe someone will pay attention to the fact that nagging morality police have slowly been chiseling away the liberty that this country was founded upon and replacing it with a dried sputum of half-chewed morality and holier-than-thou philosophy.
  • Four named states are considering this to be an awesome idea. You see, when they said they were putting in gasoline taxes with an ecological objective (reducing the usage of gas, dependence on foreign oil, reduce greenhouse emissions) what they meant to say was they were putting in taxes wherever they could cram them for reasons I can only guess at(need a new olympic sized pool, not enough hookers, cocaine is just not doing it like it used to). Why the fuck not, right? I love that this idea of taxation actually punishes those who buy more efficient vehicles too. I guess that’s so we can bail out American auto manufacturers who routinely sell themselves down the river and wait for a tax money bustout to save them.
  • I was initially amused at how idiotic this was. But then I realized that this wasn’t some hillbilly asshole mayor trying to clean up his wastoid white trash shithole so it’s safe for his inbred monkey children, it was a fucking US Congressman. Here’s a hint asshole. Get on a plane. Go to Iraq. Walk around outside the green zone without a fucking platoon of soldiers protecting your mushy fucking head. The whole time, think to yourself “Which should I be concentrating on, this mess here, or bumper nuts.” If you still think it’s time for Bumper Nut legislation, take off the helmet and vest and walk around some more. Eventually you’ll come around to my way of thinking.
  • We have already discussed the “De Negrofication plan

So, that covers a wide variety of issues I have with the ‘way shit is headed’.

I would also not like to live anywhere that has a significant risk of say, Jihad or other holy crusade, or of contracting the AIDS on a streetcorner. I’m mildly OK with military juntas, but the AIDS thing rules out most of Africa. I’m not fond of socializing every industry, so Venezuela is out, and I’m not sold on the rest of South America, they’re on the list, but no big benefits. Plus my Spanish is awful.

So I suggested Germany and Fargo said it was too expensive, and we got into an argument about how big it was. Then we started looking at Google Earth and I was trying to figure out how to lock the axis so the north pole is always up and I freaked out about it a little, and then I suggested Madagascar. I initially thought of it as a third world country on it’s way to second world, but then I read some more about it and realized it’s a third world country on it’s way to… a third century of third world status. Less than 1% of houses have PHONE LINES. So… yuck. Blogging from a mud hut. And Fargo finally brings up New Zealand. I’ve heard of the place, my great aunt and uncle lived there for a while. Their kids still live there, I think. And that hot ass chick from Death Proof was from there. I figured it was like Australia’s Portugal, pretty much just independent because there hasn’t ever been a run on natural resources from one to the other. Then I see this. They put up a fucking wiki to get input on a law. Insanity. And compared to the US State Department’s blog (which doesn’t even have a full text feed. Seriously you guys. Seriously.) which reeks of jumping on the buggy two years too late, a government policy wiki sounds like some sort of future utopia.

So, New Zealand… how much AIDS / snow (or AIDSnow, I guess if that exists) do you get down there?

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  1. I find it very appropriate that the US blog there is called “Dipnote”. I always thought the collapse of our government would be cooler, instead it’s more asphyxiating.

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