Late Summer and Spook Country

I decided about three weeks ago to grow in some facial hair, and while it’s still only just a scraggly little streak of a thing, my junior high self would be totally jealous. I spent all day reading Spook Country and thinking about the conversation I just had with an ex where she said I was “like Batman”. I don’t really know what she meant, but I never really understood women and frankly, this will not be the last time that someone with too many X chromosomes baffles me.

I have a dog that is fat and a dog that is skinny. They are looking up at me right now like I’m some kind of food-magic deity. They get used to my schedule. Up in the AM, off to work, back in the PM, food for us both, some TV, some reading, and then off to bed. It’s tempting to be worshipped, watch them bark at the door to bring up the sun, but frankly mankind made it’s best leaps being disappointed by God and I think maybe they should have to stay up late worried about me too.

In short, I want someone to help me disappoint my dogs.

I don’t smoke anymore, I don’t drink every day. I think I think too much and maybe you should too.

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