Double Time

Not to be outdone, Hannah Aviva, who was my high school sweetheart, has located a series of ever more embarassing pictures of me from our time together. I’ll comment on them in line.

This is Hannah. She says that she told me to take the picture at this odd angle, and that might be true, but I had a “thing” for taking pictures of people at odd angles. This is during a day trip we took up to Jerome. Note the braids, they were melted at the ends, which made these tiny quiet clicks when she moved. Sometimes they would get caught on the polyester clothes that both of us wore much of the time.

This picture was taken at Kitt Peak observatory by Hannah’s mom. That is her sister Audrey on the left. We drove down in their silver Ford Taurus holding hands in the back seat the whole way. We stopped in Tucson and drove to the Popeyes Chicken near U of A. This was the first time I ever had Popeyes biscuits and red beans and rice. It would not be the last. I would drive over a box of kittens for another pair of those Adidas shoes. Note the significant paleness of the shoulders. Hannah did not wear tank tops often. Regardless of her worries that I looked so happy in my picture with Jackie and never looked that happy with her, this was one of the nicest days I ever spent.

This was taken in the add on to the house I grew up in, it was the defacto place to hang out, as it was the only portion of the house that was air conditioned (not just evaporative cooled). This is my sister Sami aged 8 (if the date is accurate, and I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t be). This is during the peak of my acne years, you can tell my my preturnatural sheen.

I dressed up a lot in these days, for reasons I can’t really recall. These were all taken by Hannah, the first two are in the addition at my house (the clip on silver lamp there was over the turtle tank), the last one appears to be the “Hotel California” from when her mom and I drove to Palm Desert California for Thanksgiving. I still have this tie, and probably the ring you see glinting there as well. The black hair was kind of a good indicator of time, because for a significant portition of our relationship, I looked like this.


Notice the watch, which I still have (suspenders too, but I don’t really wear t hem anymore), and the hair, which looks redder in this than it really was, it was bright ass pink. Hannah’s hair was short, because she had taken the braids out to have them re-done, and somehow it got matted and she had to cut it. She freaked out pretty bad and it made me sad, but I thought it was pretty cute like this anyways. Yes, those pants are reflective on the side, I was doing a lot of my shopping at Savers “military and uniform” aisle. I was trying desperately to be cool enough to have her as my girlfriend, but I never really thought I did enough. I can still feel the slick fabric of that shirt with the stars and planets on it against my forearm, and her fingers looped through a belt loop, pulling me closer to her. I can still smell the conditioner she had in her hair. Sometimes I can still feel the hot Phoenix day melting into cool night, and smell the dusty air coming in through the window of a silver Ford Taurus bound for Boston’s. The Downward Spiral on the stereo and her holding my sweaty hand while she drives us into the darkening sky, and I remember searching my brain for something cool to say so she’d keep liking me for just one more day.

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