Dealing with my close friends…

It’s always hard. With strangers, I can lie. Tell them convenient things that mirror their own personal belief structure. I figure in the long run, the comfort of having someone say they’re praying for you outweighs being lied to by a stranger, every time. Jesus has a plan. God opens a door. Aaron greases palms with generic solace.

Lying to a friend is harder. For starters they remember your tirades about how the old testament is just a parable about not eating tainted meat and towing the line for an ever grander temple royalty built on your hard work, and the new testament is a “for dummies” faith revision built by some guys who decided maybe there could be two temples.

But I digress. It’s tough to know what to say to a friend who tells you his kid has been diagnosed with autism. What am I going to say to that?

I’m sorry.

You’ll get through this.

Family comes first.

It is killing me inside to think of your struggle.

Life is shit stacked upon shit to keep us out of the water enough to breathe and out of the sun enough not to burn.


I want to hit something.


Maybe they’re wrong.

Please, let them be wrong.

I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

I don’t know if you understand what you’re going through either.

Don’t let it burn you up.

Don’t let the shit stack too high.

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