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I’ve had linux installed on both my laptop (Ubuntu 7.04 32bit) and desktop (Fedora Core 6 x64: updated to 7) for some time. I use it every now and then to play with, but never really made the “big push” to switch over. I always needed something Windowsey sooner or later and rebooted. With the desktop, it was the frickin’ wireless card (“ra2600 called set to 2 : Unable to set to 2 : Success” then the whole shooting match freezes or some such nonsense) holding me back (and some occasional game related stuff). With the laptop, it’s linux’s absolutely PISS POOR and UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE bluetooth support (I gotta be able to bluetooth to my phone for internet on the go, no, usb tethering isn’t acceptable). And recently, I started using Microsoft’s Live Writer blogging software, which may be the finest piece of software that has ever come out of Redmond, ever. Ever. Haven’t found much competition in the FOSS world for it. ScribeFire is OK, but it is just OK.

However, I have one important thing to note. First off, linux installed drivers for 98% of my hardware without making me do any retarded stuff, and I was able to install most of the software I use during the system installation.

But I miss the hell out of Livewriter.

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  1. the thing at the bottom of your post, “Powered by ScribeFire.” you can disable that in the options menu with scribefire.


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