Pro Gresh Ion

Progress on wiring the house for ethernet. Despite the fact that I have felt like magical asscrack all week (or longer). There were enough power blips that I went down to Fry’s to pick up a UPS for my computer and the file server. Once I get some bills paid, I’ll probably get one for Fargo too, but the $140 price tag set me back on my emergency fund savings. Now that I know the UPS I bought will run my computer for half a frickin’ hour, I know that a smaller one will probably work to just smooth out the blips (which is what I’m looking for). Of course, Fargo has that monster 21″ Diamondmax. That’ll kill any UPS in about four seconds flat. I think he’ll have to deal with just having his computer on the UPS and let it shut down the computer.

Anyways, we got back and Fargo had the idea to put the server into the closet (where we had decided it’s home would be), and get the IPCop gateway box back into place, etc, etc. So finally, I made the big push and put punchdown blocks onto the cables I ran for the TV room and Fargo’s bedroom. Jesus, I had forgotten how great it was to have IPCop handling internal DNS and DHCP. Belkin makes a fine, strong access point, but their router/gateway software is crap based shit.

Put a board across some of the little angle brackets in the cabinet and put the gateway box on it. Now everything is cleaner, wiring wise.

Next steps

  1. Coax split in the wall where it enters and run to the closet and to the TV area. Right now it’s run along the floor. This will finish up all the cables running over the floor.
  2. Run another outlet on the inside of the closet. This will stop having to run a power cord around the outside. Plus I’ll actually GROUND this one (way to build an electrical system there asshole).
  3. Drop an ethernet cable into the extra bedroom, and two into my bedroom. That’ll pretty much finish all the wiring that I’m interested in. Possibly a coax into my bedroom too, though I’m not 100% of having a TV in there, it’d be nice to have the option.

I need to get a better TV stand for the living room area. Right now it’s on a desk which is bowed like a swayback mule. While I could care less about the got-it-on-sale 27″ TV that is on there now, I’d certainly not want to spend money on a nice TV only to have it fall on the ground.

I got acupsd running on the file server. It was certainly easier than I had expected. Then I tested both it and my computer, seems to have gone perfectly. While I was playing with breakers, I took the time to unhook the ungodly ugly chandelier in the dining room. Now there’s just an ungodly ugly wire-infested hole in the ceiling. PROGRESS.

Enough progress for today.

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