In Brief: Gawker goes nuts for SEO

For some reason, the guys behind Lifehacker, Jalopnik, Gizmodo, and Fleshbot (nsfw) decided what would really be awesome is some search engine optimization that includes a ton of fucking retarded single-link articles and keyword/tag pages. Distraught that three of the feeds I read every day were being overtaken by this crap, I unsubscribed from Lifehacker‘s feed, and held onto Jalopnik and Engadget just because the cream still outweighed the crap (I don’t read Fleshbot in my RSS reader, but they have the same thing going on). I had also started to tire of the Xeni Jardin “random stories about serbia” and “steampunksteampunklolsteampunk” entries taking over Boing Boing. I cried and weeped until Brad reminded me that I am the only person in the world not using Yahoo! Pipes.

Here are the pipes I’m using now…

  1. BoingBoing noXeni/steampunk (had to edit this one too, it was an AND filter instead of an OR)
  2. Jalopnik Filter (filters out all In Brief entries)
  3. Lifehacker Cleaned (filters out a lot of the crap posts they build up, “one year ago” “watercooler” and all that junk)

This is like fucking magic. Why is more of life not this awesome?

Edit : Gizmodo is Gawker, not Engadget, which is still pure and clean. Thanks Flynn. Also changed the link to the Lifehacker pipe to my edited one, because that still had In Brief.

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