Dear Retard…

If I have been asking you if you need help for two weeks and you say that there is nothing going on, do not suddenly jump on me four hours into the last day before a fucking holiday and tell me you have a ton of work to dump on me.

I hope you fall in the shower and give yourself a fistula on a well-placed bottle of shampoo.

– Z

2 thoughts on “Dear Retard…

  1. Shower-based fistulas are #1.

    Apparently everyone on the east coast (where my employer is based) has taken the entire week off. So I’m taking time out of my busy Guitar Hero 2 schedule to post this comment.

  2. My employer is based in Minnesota, and apparently everyone there is taking the rest of the week off. I realized after an hour long phonecall with this guy that what he meant was “hey, I’ve been ignoring these for a month because I’m waiting on somebody else, ignore them for me while I’m gone.”, but still, annoying.

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