Audiobook of note : Heaven

Just finished listening to “Season One” of Heaven, by Mur Lafferty. Besides having a really awesome first name? Very fun story. I grabbed Season Two and donated some money to him/her. Them. I’m sending money to them. It’s obviously not quite ready for prime time (some moments were very “wave hands and scream MYSTERY” and we spent a lot of time with one character and suddenly switched to another), but it was very entertaining and well worth the investment.

3 thoughts on “Audiobook of note : Heaven

  1. Thanks for the review/plug, I appreciate it. Heaven is an experiment in serial podcasting, and I’m writing it as I go. There’s *definitely* some hand waving! 🙂 When i attempt to go for a traditional publisher, I will clean it up considerably.

    Thanks so much as well for donating!

    (And I’m a her – 😉 )

  2. I just finished Hell and it was _fantastic_. I’m also impressed by your vocal performance. I think by about chapter 3 my voice would be raw and everything would come out sounding a little Grandma Bouvier. Thanks for the hours of entertainment.

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