On the mundane dangers of social networking…

I was talking to Brad this morning about Facebook versus Myspace, and he brought up an interesting point. I was talking about how Facebooks features were nice and functional (though the reason I noted it this morning was that the rss-down-my-blog-into-notes feature _wasn’t_ working) while Myspace was definitely leading the population war (case in point, I have found one guy I already knew in an internety way, one guy I know only through his work, and one girl I already knew in an internety way on Facebook; Myspace, I’ve reconnected with four people from my past and could easily connect with more, also my Mom is on there, my Sister, her boyfriend, plus all of the people from Facebook). Regardless of the fact that MySpace sucks four dicks as far as functionality goes, it’s the clear winner in the “social” as well as “networking” categories.

However, the danger I realized was that of syndication. Say I link both of these back to my personal blog. This means that anybody who finds me in one of these will find their way back to my blog. This means that if I bitch about my itchy scrotum one day, my mom, the first girl I french kissed, a guy I don’t really know, some folks who like to eat food, a person who rides fixed gear bikes, etc, will all get pinged with a notice – “Hey, Aaron is bitching about his sack, click here to read!” This isn’t necessarily the reason that I bitched about my dad, nor is it really the reason I wanted to syndicate some of my writing.

My ideal fix for this would be individual category feeds in WordPress (and rss import functions in MySpace), so I could have a “Social” category or something to flag on a post, and Facebook would only pick that one up. So, now I’m off to see if there’s a way to do that.

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