The longest yard…

Well, the results of my first attempts at living healthier are mixed.

I have been working out every morning (resting Sunday). I have managed to get from struggling to complete crunch number 15 to doing 90 every morning (two sets of 45) with obliques (2 sets of 20) and leg raises (2 sets of 2 20 counts). I am trying to take it gently with the weights, because I hurt my elbow last time I was getting into weight training, and joint injury scares me. For my chest I am doing 2 working sets of 15 barbell presses (20 pound bells) after my warmup sets, and 2 working sets of 15 benchpresses (with 70 pounds on the bar, not sure what the bar weighs). I am not confident enough to start doing chest flys with large weight, so I’ve tried to limit it to 10-15 pound bells. For shoulders I’ve been doing barbell military press (with the 20 pound bells again, I find it easier to manage the bells than a full bar), both single and two-arm. For upper back I’ve been doing dumbell rows and reverse flys. I’d like to figure out some way to do roman chair exercises for my lower back, but that can wait until my abs are a little stronger. I’ve also managed to ride my bike in three days last week, only pussing out when the rain came back yesterday. Today it was dry and I rode, but I am going to get out my rain gear and just man up, it’s a 20 minute ride here, if I milk it. Time to step that up to 5 days a week.

However, I’ve been having a hard time controlling my diet. I haven’t ever exactly been Mister Control, but the exercise has put my body on calorie alert. My financial situation has managed to keep me from going out to eat, instead making things at home, but I’ve run into problems turning down that second helping. It doesn’t help that I never learned to cook for just two people either, so when I make a meal it’s almost always portioned for four, so we are constantly awash in leftovers. I need to get back into the swing of the apple and bran muffin breakfast and carrots as snacks thing, that was not only helping my colon (another worry I have is the family history of colon trouble), but it was keeping me from snacking at work.

But that’s tomorrow. Today, I’ve already managed to eat the peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches I brought for lunch, and I find myself idling around the vending machine. I might head out to the store at lunchtime and get some lower calorie snacks, because somehow I don’t believe those chocolate covered lardbits are going to make me feel much better.

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