Site Changes

If anything is broken, you can now contact me via the contact page. Instead of that just doing nothing but reloading the site and making my Google sitemap have errors! Terribly exciting. If it was broken before, but is fixed now, then keep your whore mouth shut. Or whatever.

I’m going to do a quick rundown of all the crazy shit I had to do that nobody really explained very well to get the sitemap (not the XML one, the nicer looking one on the toolbar there) and the contact page working.

First, I had to not use the WordPress-Comment: Akismet Edition plugin. Because it just didn’t fucking work at all. This was the most time consuming step for me, because I hadn’t figured out that the goal was to _not_ use it.

Second, I had to find the PXS Mail Form modified for Akismet plugin, which, besides having a really long name, seems to work pretty well, and uses curlybrace notation, which I love, because curlybraces always get the short end of the stick. Then just make a new static Page on your WordPress, name it Contact, give it the URL-slug ‘contact’, and insert the magic word (mailform with curlybraces around it).

Third, I had to install the Dagon Design Sitemap Generator plugin, activate it, create a static Page called Sitemap, with the slug ‘sitemap’, and insert the slightly different magic word (ddsitemapgen with angle brackets and dashes).

Fourth, I had to go in and turn on the visual editor for my username, because it was turned off for some reason, then go back in and put those magic words in again.

Fifth, I had to marvel at how much shit it takes to make a blog look pretty. I mean, fuck.

Other plugins I use are Akismet, Feedburner’s Feedsmith, Google Sitemaps Generator, Instant Upgrade (one of the best things to happen to WP), Stats (because I am incredibly vain), WordPress Database Backup (because I am also incredibly paranoid), wp-cache (because I wildly overestimate the amount of traffic I get), and Youtube Brackets (because I couldn’t get videos to embed right for some reason and I wanted everybody to see my Lasik).

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