What an amazingly bad end to a truly horrible night worth of sleep! Wow. I didn’t think that last night could get worse, but I was wrong. So – I am right on the verge of sleep. And my mom calls. Because she’s paranoid that Sami and I are upset with her (can’t imagine why that would be), this turns into a 20 minute long recap of the same shit we’ve been talking about for the past week. So I go lay back down and toss and turn, and then toss, you see, and turn, for the next two hours, I guess.

I awake the next day, convinced that I have overslept and that my pager is going off, I have positioned myself carefully on the edge of this hotel bed, so when I move my arm to find a light switch, I fall out, flailing to grab something, I get the power cord of my laptop, catapulting my glasses and headset off across the room.

Oh, this is just shaping up to be a great day.

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