My right wrist is looking like a cracked open egg…

So, in traditional Walker style, my lifestyle is changing at a breakneck pace. I am fully in the thrall of homebuying now, there are all kinds of fun new terms you get to learn, which are all basically lies that you tell yourself are OK. Like “courier fee”, which is the fee that you pay nobody to do nothing, because fucking seriously fax machines people. There are also things like discount points, which are awarded based on pubic hair density, Administrative fees, origination fees, appraisal fees, escrow settlement fees which all sound pretty administrative to me and I’d certainly like to know who ends up with that money. I am betting leprechauns, except for the escrow settlement fee, which is instead ground up with the blood of a calf and poured into fire.

My metaphorical money vagina is sore from the pounding already.

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