Made an appointment today for a lasik evaluation. We’ll see how that turns out. The place supposedly does wavefront (corneal mapping) and intralasik (no microkeratome, there is a laser that burns the corneal flap), which are two of the things I am fairly insistent about. My optometrist says that I’m a good candidate for it, as I’ve only had two fairly small changes to my prescription in 4 years, and I haven’t even needed new glasses (the changes were incredibly minor). If my cornea is thick enough (which is the last roadblock that my untrained self could imagine to the proceedure), I think it could be made to happen. $3200, for both eyes, and that includes the followup care at my optometrist’s office, which is a fair deal I think, unless my head falls off or something. I’ll be sure to post about it if that happens.

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