So I believe I have learned something about realtors.

In order to become a successful realtor:

  1. You must be forgetful.
  2. You must not understand the where and whys of money in the real world (Bonus example: Customer – “Two hundred and forty thousand is too expensive.” You – “Can’t you just ask your boss for a raise? Even just a couple thousand would help.”),
  3. if at all possible, you should be creepy, clingy, and unable to concentrate on any detail at all. If the person you are talking to doesn’t find themself creeping backwards to escape you, you are doing it all wrong.

So far, I’ve talked to _two_ realtors who told me if I could just get a four or five thousand dollar raise it would be a lot easier to get a house. Really? Having more money would make it easier to buy things? Fucking amazing. You should get a nobel fucking prize for your thesis on applied economics there, assmunch.

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